Now, we know that might sounded a bit harsh, but that was the best way to summarize what Ira Glass, of public radio show This American Life, says in his amazing and short talk about the creative process.

What Ira talks about goes beyond “being in a rut.” He pulls back the curtain on the truth in the creative process. While we try hard and shoot like crazy (or write, in Ira’s world), there is a period of time in all creative’s work where we know what we want to do … but are disappointed in the results.

As Ira says, “A lot of people never get past that phase. A lot people, at that point, quit.”

But then he goes on to explain how to get past that phase. How to turn our good taste into good photos.

We completely agree with Ira’s solution to overcome that phase. But we also think it takes more than his solution. His solution is only part of the larger, greater creative process.

YOSA_Tab_01cChanging your vision. Changing the way to see and read the scene. Breaking out of stereotypes that prejudice your views of what you should take and what is a “good” photography.

This mental process is the golden key that all successful photographers have shared as what broke them of the creative doldrums. This Visual Thinking experience that goes beyond analyzing a scene for its technical and visual merits. Our Advanced Photography: Zen of Thinking course lays down all the groundwork in challenges you didn’t even realize were blocking your creative juices from flowing!

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