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HSW’s Michael Mariant and Joe Johnston report that this year’s Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley workshop finished on Sunday under spectacular fall conditions. And the special access, unique astrophotography evening photographing the Milky Way at a deep space radio telescope complex (seen below) was a huge success for everyone!

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The completely sold out workshop spends four days throughout the Eastern Sierra region, with a concentrated academic curriculum that matches up perfectly with all the shooting locations, ranging from the iconic Mono Lake in the north to the surreal Alabama Hills in the south, along with a few special treasures and secret spots along the way.

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Bill R. lines up his shot for sunrise at Mono Lake during this year’s Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley workshop.

And the workshop students are already commenting on their workshop experience:

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”] I have done many many photo workshops and photo trips. By far, this was the most organized and focused one that I have ever taken. The planning that went into this workshop was very impressive and the fact that you had a curriculum that was well thought out and that built on previous lessons was nothing short of superb. Not sure that I have ever had workshop leaders so dedicated to teaching in the way that you both did.[/blockquote]

— Carl V.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]Another workshop with High Sierra, that can only be described as Extraordinarily Great !!! If you are someone looking for a workshop that will take you to the right places at the right time of day, meaning perfect light, and in some of the most beautiful locations….You can stop looking! Just pick one of the workshops that you are drawn to and go with the guys at High Sierra. You will have a great time.. [/blockquote]

— Rick M.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]Outstanding job! Having photographed this region for some time, really appreciate the detailed learning section of the workshop. You also introduced me to new locations that I look forward to revisiting.[/blockquote]

— Mike F.

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What is the Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley workshop?

California’s Eastern Sierra, a jagged and prominent escarpment rising over 10,000 feet above the Owens Valley, is one of the hidden photographer’s gem in California. No other region in the country offers the dramatic granite peaks, glacier-carved valleys, dense foliage, roaring mountain streams, bizarre land formations and stunning rock formations.

HSW instructors Michael Mariant and Joe Johnston lead students for four days of impactful photography and comprehensive photo education like no other workshop offers. This highly-acclaimed and famous course is limited to only 15 students with two instructors, to ensure the best student to instructor ratio.

In the coming weeks, the workshop students will be posting their images to their SlickPic galleries, and we’ll share the link so the entire HSW community can view the great photographs!

Next year’s Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley workshop is scheduled for Sept. 18-21, 2014. This workshop sells out several months in advance … and next year’s workshop is now open for enrollment.

Head over the workshop description page to learn more and register for next year’s course.

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