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What makes Yosemite National Park such a stunning and remarkable destination? What is behind the draw for not just photographers but for the general public? What makes the landscape so defining?

Well, it’s the geology.

The granite formations that are the backbone of the Valley, formed through millions of years of geological activity, are what sculpt and creating the vision we see at all of our favorite locations. From waterfalls to granite monoliths to massive domes, it all revolves around the granite and geology.

The talented Steven Bumgardner has released his latest Nature Notes episode, seen below. If you have missed the previous episodes, take the time to watch the multitude of past shows on various topics from the Moonbow at Yosemite Falls to the less-known but amazing Frazil Ice. (Also, don’t miss the great behind-the-scenes on the making of the great Moonbows episode!)

What are our favorite photo locations in Yosemite that highlight the park’s geology and topography?

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  • Olmstead Point
  • Clark Point
  • El Capitan Meadow
  • Mirror Lake
  • Sentinel Dome
  • North Dome
  • Yosemite Creek


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