The GoPro camera these days can be found everywhere: shooting timelapse, still photos in hard to reach or dangerous settings, video for everything from extreme sports to mainstream movies even.

Which is the route Stu Maschwitz’s went when shooting a short film proposal called “Run Like Hell” for a major studio. Stu’s story, about a young man sets out to reconnect with his high-school crush – but things don’t go as planned, was all shot with the GoPro Hero 3 camera, which runs $300.

Stu then ran the footage through several of Red Giant’s video editing software plug-ins, to produce one amazing little short film.

We’re big fans of Red Giant; we’ve been touting their Magic Bullet Looks video editing plug-in for quite awhile now during our cinematography and timelapse workshops. (During this year’s and last year’s timelapse workshop, every walked away either having bought the software during the workshop, or shortly thereafter. Yeah, it’s that good!)

And if you aren’t into the video thing (yet!), their Magic Bullet Photo Looks is pretty jaw-dropping. We’re talking one-click magic in your edits! It’s worth checking out.

Stu is not only a filmmaker, but also the creative director for Red Giant, so he knows exactly what can be done with their software plug-ins … and a $300 GoPro!

Take a look at the short film below, and then check out the Behind-the-Scenes / Making-of video for “Run Like Hell”. Pretty impressive!

“RUN LIKE HELL” Short Film

“Behind the Scenes / Making of” for “RUN LIKE HELL”