IcarusVia L.W. Hine/New York Public Library

I admit it. I broke my self-imposed time limit of five minutes on Reddit yesterday and I got sucked in. Maybe it was a case of the Mondays. Maybe it was the thought of a photographer swinging himself out in a specially made basket a thousand feet above street level in mid-town Manhattan.

Can you blame me for getting pulled in by a headline that reads, “24 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of The Construction Of The Empire State Building“? That’d get you, too. So I spent a minute looking at the work of Lewis Wickes Hine on BuzzFeed, and then I quickly clicked over to the New York Public Library collection of his work. Courageous. And, yes, jaw-dropping.

That should have been it. But my curiosity about the NYPL’s collections got the better of me.

And when I came across the set from the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair, I couldn’t help but think of the poor man or woman holding the camera and making pictures like this one:


Via New York Public Library

And there are loads of shots from that set just like this one. (Though let’s be honest, the lace-up high tops with the fur tunic and hair pompon pretty much set the bar for awesomeness.)

I get it, though. Whoever it was shooting this probably cashed the check after the job, filled the icebox, paid the rent, and still had enough money left to take a cab to a movie theater downtown and buy a ticket to see Gone with the WindNot every player on the roster can be Joe DiMaggio. Some are just happy to be in the game at all.

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