We always try to explain the work that goes into selling your photography. It’s not an easy job, and the amount of work you put into the selling is pretty much proportional to the amount of money you will earn. As professional photographers, we hustle hard to make that income that allows us to pay the bills and buy the gear necessary to do the job.

We hear a lot of photographers say that they are happy with getting a couple extra bucks—or even worse, a photo credit—in exchange for their photographs and/or services. Last week, we exposed how all the excuses for shooting for next to free or for photo credit are just bogus. Last time we checked, Samy’s Camera doesn’t take photo credit bylines as payment for photo gear. Just hard-earned cash.

If you’ve been using—or thinking about using—one of the many micro-stock websites out there, in hopes of selling your images as stock photography, then you need to take a look at this:

The good folks over at ImageBrief put together this excellent infographic that truly explains the state of the stock photography industry. The stats are sobering, but just go to show that you need to work hard to get the work. But trust us when we say it is worth it in the end. It’s nice having just one job pay for a new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III. Yeah, think about how that would feel …


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