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We always try to showcase amazing time lapse videos when we come across them, but finding them is like finding a needle in the haystack. Unless they have gone viral, there is no easy way to weed through the “noise” of excessive time lapse pieces that exist on YouTube and Vimeo.

(Let’s face it: there are way too many TL videos of clouds and sunsets over mountain tops, that run for 30 seconds. Who has that kind of attention span to stare at the same scene of poorly executed time lapse shooting for 30 seconds?!?!?)

That is … until now!

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Introducing Primelapse: a one-stop website of amazing, stunning time lapse sequences that weeds out the “poor” and leaves only the “excellent”.

WARNING: Any continued reading and subsequent viewing of TL sequences on Primelapse will result in a significant distraction from work with chances of substantially altered productivity. High Sierra Workshops takes no responsibility for your boss getting mad at you!

[imageeffect type=”none” align=”alignright” width=”400″ height=”345″ alt=”” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Primelapse_02.jpg” ]The Primelapse website is set up very intuitively, with featured TL sequences at the top of the page, with the latest TL videos to be uploaded displayed directly underneath, followed by (what is arguably the most important section of the home page) the most-liked videos on the site (just cut to the chase right to the good ones!).

The good folks over at TriggerTrap (which we HIGHLY recommend for time lapse shooting) are the folks behind Primelapse. Kudos!!!

We spent over an hour going from TL video to TL video, amazed at the stunning visuals that shooters are creating.

Let’s be honest: everybody and their brother out there is making time lapse videos these days. Yes, they are really easy to make them. Plug in a cord (or use the camera’s built-in intervalometer) and let it go. BAM! You have moving clouds.

But it is not as easy to make GOOD time lapse videos. And so much of what we see is just run-of-the-mill pieces that take no thought or creativity to produce. Most photographers don’t realize the true work and knowledge that must go in to creating professional-level time lapse videos.

One of the first things we do during our “Time Lapse Photography: Going Beyond the Basics” workshop is to explain why the built-in intervalometer or branded timer cord is the worse remote you could use! It doesn’t take much to learn these techniques and methods to transition your pieces from run-of-the-mill to stunning.

If you are into TL and love those dramatic videos, do yourself a favor and take the time to learn the true tricks of the trade! We’ll call this our crusade to free the world of mediocre TL videos!!!

Thankfully, with Primelapse, the run-of-the-mill videos can be weeded out to showcase those stunning pieces!


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