Nikon is poised to announce their new Nikon DF camera, a visual throwback to the heydays of analog cameras, when Nikon ruled the SLR camera market. But not only is it a visual throwback, it is a throwback to the simplicity of the photography thought-process, one that has been smothered by the megapixel race, pixel peepers, and enthusiasts who talk digital specs in the manner that specs are all that matters.

Welcome to the Nikon DF …

Those that have attended our workshops know that we are quick to shutdown the attendee blustering that goes on about which camera is better, as we transition discussion to one of learning and understanding that the gear is just a tool.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”center”]Get over the pixels or image quality … if you don’t know how to see and shoot a quality photo, the camera won’t make it for you … regardless of how much you spend or if you have the latest model. It’s all in your eye.[/blockquote][divider_blank /]

Getting rid of all the bells and whistles that are supposed to make our photography “easier” has only made us lazy. We depend on the camera too much to take the “perfect” picture for us, with no idea how that picture came about. Without truly understanding – not just knowing what the camera does — but only by truly understanding the underlying components of the camera will you become a better photographer … one that doesn’t depend on the camera to take the picture.

That’s where we welcome the new Nikon DF. With a stripped down camera that not only looks like the classic Nikon F cameras, it also requires you to think and operate like you are shooting with one of the F cameras.

And to do that, you had to know what the hell you are were doing. Or in this case, you need to know what the hell you are doing.

Want to become a better photographer? Get a Nikon DF and learn how little the camera matters in the photograph. Be smart, shoot smart.

And for those interested in purchasing the camera … Amazon “leaked” the pre-order page for the camera: