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Using Flickr tags on photos taken in Yosemite, UC Berkely research scholar Alexander Dunkel created spatio maps showing where the volume of photos taken in different locations in Yosemite Valley, represented by size and color of the dots.

[imageeffect align=”alignleft” width=”550″ height=”588″ alt=”” url=”http://highsierraworkshops.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/YOSE_SpatialMapLegend.jpg” ]Using the legend at left, you can determine the number of photos on Flickr that photographers have tagged a location relative to its physical location in Yosemite Valley.

The top clusters can be found at the overlook at Glacier Point (with the view of Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada falls) and the iconic and ever popular Tunnel View of Yosemite Valley, the location of Ansel Adams’ memorable “Clearing Winter Storm”.

A close second in the clustering is the view of Vernal Falls from the footbridge at the base of the Mist Trail, followed closely by the view of Upper and Lower Yosemite falls from the trail at the base of the falls near Yosemite Lodge.

Alexander Dunkel has made the map (along with one of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Highline Park in New York, and one in Saxony, Germany) available on his website where you can view the clusters in better detail. The page opens to the San Francisco Bay Area; simply click the ‘location’ tab in the top-left corner to choose your map location from the list.

All of these locations are “must-shoot” spots for tourists, and even in bad weather conditions you will find photographers lined up at the Tunnel View vista point.

[imageeffect type=”frame” align=”alignright” width=”400″ height=”600″ alt=”” url=”http://highsierraworkshops.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/YOSW_Desc_T1-2.jpg” link=”http://highsierraworkshops.com/yosw/” ]Do you want to see Yosemite Valley as a photographer, not a tourist? Do you want to explore the secret shooting locations known only to the regulars who visit the valley?

Our Yosemite in Winter and Yosemite in Spring workshops take you to all the iconic locations (including walking in the footsteps of Ansel Adams!) and to many of the secret locations you will never find in a photo guidebook.

Add to that the fact that all our workshops are highly educational, with a focus on improving your visual composition skills, taking on the task of learning how to “see” a photo versus just “taking” a photo.

Step up your photo game and explore Yosemite with us!

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