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We share this point of view quite a bit during our workshops, as we listen to the constant gear-head, pixel-peeping, back-and-forth tech talk about the “best” and “biggest” and “greatest” camera that one can buy.

It’s real simple: The camera is a tool. Buy the tool that you need to get the job done. Buying a D800 just because it has 36.3 megapixels won’t make you a better photographer, nor will it get the job done “better”.

Add to this that while the cameras continue to grow in megapixel, what to do you plan to accomplish with the added megapixels? Will you make even bigger prints? Say 60″x80″ prints? Do you need it to “zoom in” without image degradation? Could you have done that with your feet? Is it really necessary?

Before you rush off to plunk $3000 on a new DSLR camera, ask yourself if the camera will provide you with $3000 worth of better images. And for how many years, until the next “best” and “biggest” and “greatest” camera comes along…