Yesterday the good people of eBay announced a new feature that will not only help you catalog all of your electronics, it will inform you of the approximate value of each item in your collection based on the averages of similar items sold through eBay. The tech giant has huge amounts of data to mine, and with their new “My Gadgets” feature, their engineers have made it very easy for you to pinpoint just how much your stuff is worth.

Items are organized by category to make adding new stuff to your collection fast and simple. That’s snazzy. And eBay hopes that, when the time comes to part with your lenses, tripods, camera bodies, and other gear, you’ll go ahead and click “Sell Now” to quickly create the listing for your gadget with product information pre-populated.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household. We know as soon as we buy that awesome new camera with the revolutionary auto-focus system  that in a year or two we’ll be making room for some other shiny new gizmo. And then we’ll need to unload the once-cool gadget for whatever price we can squeeze out of it. eBay knows this, too, of course. And they’re hoping that, once you’ve made the decision to cut ties with your stuff, you’ll give them the chance to sell it for you.

We all need gear.

But if you’ve been keeping up with our philosophical and photographic world view, you’ll know where we stand on technique vs. vision.

Becoming a better photographer is about taking the time to learn how to see.

By all means, catalog your gear. Use a spreadsheet or a legal pad or go ahead and use eBay if you like. Just remember that, in the end, photography is not about the camera.

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