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David Bergman, who has produced some remarkable photographs and multi-media pieces in the past, brought the Gigapan to the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. He followed up with a Gigapan shot at the Aquatics Center and then gymnastics inside the North Greenwich Arena. David also shot the Gigapan image from the inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2008.

Gigapan is a process where you take thousands of photos, with the camera lens zoomed to maximum focal length, and then the images are all stitched together to form one giant photo, that is then downsampled as you zoom out. In the above Gigapan image from the opening ceremonies, there are 425 separate photos from his left-to-right, up-down panning sequence, that results in a final high-resolution image that is 81,992 X 37,520 pixels in size.

You can check out all three Gigapan images HERE. Zoom in and you can see individual faces in the crowd. NBC took it one step further and allows you tag people through Facebook.