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We are big fans of the Red Giant Magic Bullet suite of software plug-ins for video editing (both in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere), especially the Magic Bullet Looks collection of pre-set color grading options and extreme options for color tweaking.

But for those photogs who transitioned over to include video into their bag of offerings to clients, there was a bit of a roadblock when it came to making a true multi-media show that included both your video footage and your still images, as you had this spectacular color grading/effects via Magic Bullet Looks, but it’s nearly impossible to recreate that identical look in Photoshop or Lightroom for you still images. What would happen then is a lack of visual continuity, which is critical for a successful multi-media show.

Well, along came Magic Bullet Photo Looks, which allows you to match exactly your still image to your video footage! Life in the multi-media world became a whole lot easier. Now the folks at Red Giant have released Magic Bullet Photo Looks 2!

[styledbox type=”general shaded” align=”center”]Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2 -the long-awaited update to Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.5 – is here! If you made the transition from Looks to Looks 2, than you’ll be familiar with the new interface and improvements, but here’s a sum up of what’s new and awesome about PhotoLooks 2:

  • Sweet upgrade price. Pay only $49 if you already own PhotoLooks 1.5.
  • Free for Suite owners. Get a free upgrade if you already own Magic Bullet Suite.
  • Reorganized interface. Your workspace is cleaner and more intuitive, keeping the heart of PhotoLooks 1 while making it easier to create new looks.
  • Advanced color correction. Get incredible professional post-processing power (say that 3x’s fast) with Magic Bullet tools like 3-Way Wheels, Pop and Ranged HSL.
  • Reveal your true colors. Analyze the precision of important colors with four new scopes for Memory Colors, Skin Overlay, Hue/Saturation and Hue/Lightness.
  • Make your talent glow. Cosmetic cleanup is now easy with the Cosmo tool for adjusting skin tones and blemishes.
  • Share Looks across apps. From your video editor to your photo processing software, you’re looks are now compatible across the board.

Whether you own the whole suite or just PhotoLooks, PhotoLooks 2 is now a part of the normal Magic Bullet Suite installer. Get it HERE. Or get a FREE trial version HERE.[/styledbox]