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Selling some landscape pictures on the side? Or maybe you’re a weekend wedding warrior, shooting portraits and nuptials on the days off? Or you’re picking up some side jobs from local companies?

Do you need a business license to be legal? What happens if you get audited? Do you need a license in your city? Your county? What about filing with your state?

John Harrington is the go-to man in understanding and learning the business of photography. In addition to John’s incredibly informative blog with great tips, suggestions and eye-opening revelations about how to be better at your business side, John has also published the “Best Business Practices for Photographers” book that should be on EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER’S BOOKSHELF.

John explains why you shouldn’t underbid your competition (page 96), how photo credit for payment is not good business (page 73), and explains why you need to charge for “usage” (page 419).

Did you notice we just jumped from page 73 to page 419? There are 499 pages in the book! That’s 499 pages with all the answers you need to run a better business and in turn make some money. We don’t get kick-back’s from John for book sales. We just want to educate you with the business know-how to be competitive and profitable. Buy the book. It’s only $19.95. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last ]


Back to the question of “Do you need a business license for your photo biz?” … John has started a collection of video tutorials on his blog and the opening salvo attacking the uninformed answers this very question.

Find the answer HERE.