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If you haven’t seen the amazing time-lapse video of the space shuttle Endeavour’s 2 MPH journey through the streets of Los Angeles by the LA Times’ Bryan Chan, you should really check it out.

Even more amazing is the back story of how the LA Times was able to pull off this incredible endeavor, through the use of five cameras and a stock of lens ranging from 15mm to 500mm.

Shooting time lapse videos isn’t easy, and a multi-camera and multi-location project such as this requires extensive pre-work. Bryan recants the planning, logistics, challenges and more in his excellent story detailing the behind the scenes effort that culminated in the 4,500 photo time lapse video.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]At each spot I had two to three cameras working at a time with different lenses and angles. All were set on tripods or clamped to stationary objects…. (and) the cameras were set to shoot at intervals of once every second up to once every 2 minutes.[/blockquote]

All time lapse video projects have numerous variables to take into consideration, from angles to interval rate to speed of subject to exposure, and Bryan Chan and the LA Times photo staff did a Herculean effort to nail the concept with an excellent final piece to show!

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