Camera Clubs are the nucleus of photography learning and exposition for all enthusiasts and semi-pro photographers. The community spirit and sharing of knowledge and images is the hallmark of what a camera club can do for its members. High Sierra Workshops has long supported regional camera clubs in California through speaking engagements and special club outings. But now, we are taking that club support to a whole new level.

We’re taking it nationally!

Starting this year, High Sierra Workshops is very proud to announce our Camera Club 50-50 Partnership Program. Camera clubs across the nation are welcome to join the program which provides benefits to both the club members and the club itself.

All camera clubs that join the program will receive a promo code EXCLUSIVE for only club members. This promo club provides for a $50 discount on workshop tuition for any HSW course offering.

But the HSW love doesn’t stop with the club members. For every $50 discount given to each club member, HSW will also match that $50 in a donation back to the camera club.

That’s right. For every $50 discount given to a club member, HSW will also donate $50 back to the club. No restrictions. No limits.

Camera clubs are invited to contact HSW to set-up your special club-only promo code and start the immediate savings and matching donations!

Start your club registration process today by completing the application form at right: