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When you talk about creating a photograph or image, ‘taking’ the photo is only part of the work. The post-production efforts are just as equal and as important as the picture taking process. Post production — be it in Photoshop or iPhoto — isn’t about pushing settings around to see what kind of “look” you can achieve.

Ansel Adams did post work for every picture he took. Granted it was analog and not digital, through the use of toning and dodge & burn techniques, Ansel knew how the finished print would look like while he was still standing in the meadow composing the photo and determining camera exposure.

At all HSW workshops we preach endlessly about the importance of previsualization in the picture creation process: knowing exactly what you are going to do in post-production BEFORE you even click the photo. The difference between a good photographer and a great image maker is understanding and controlling the entire image creation process.

After Capture Digital Magazine focuses solely on the post-production techniques and methods for today’s digital photographer. The magazine is free, so there is no excuse for not giving it a read and learning more about how you can transition your post production work into your overall creative workflow.

Click the photo below to go directly to the After Capture Digital Magazine.

Or you can also download it to your iPhone/Pad directly from the iTunes store for free.