Celebrity portraits, oh the glamour, the prestige the eternal fame. Really when it comes down to it, it’s a lot of set up, testing, changing the setup, testing again, some slight tweeks, a bit of annoyance, remembering to change white balance, testing once more, relaxing, stressing, a whole lot of sitting around waiting, testing again, said celebrity walks in the room, shakes your hand, (if you’re allowed) strikes a Marilyn Monroe then off they go.

You’ve got about a minute. GO!

When it comes down to it, this is standard protocol and the photogs who do this on a regular basis know the game, know the system and to state the obvious, know what the hell they’re doing.

Oddly enough, it’s not often that the process gets documented.

Philippe Echaroux did just that, and in less than 25 seconds, from introductory handshake to end of shoot, he came away with some nice results.
Actually, judge for yourself.

Enjoy the video, I’m out to shoot some musicians of my own this weekend.

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