To our HSW friends,

It is with great sadness and difficulty that we share with the HSW community that High Sierra Workshops has closed.

We are a small team that worked hard to produce the best academic photography workshops in the industry. Unfortunately, one key member of our small team has been battling ongoing medical issues over the past year that recently forced him to withdraw from the workshop operations and instruction. We had planned late last year to put the workshops in hiatus, but the past several months have led us to conclude the best solution is to close HSW and allow our team member to fully focus on his long-term health.

This was a very difficult decision, as we truly love the HSW community that we see at each and every workshop. The folks we meet on each workshop are not participants. They are not just students. You are truly our friends.

HSW has been a community where everyone respected each other, where laughs at mealtimes were more important than shop talk, and support for each other was a cornerstone of our values. We all learned together to become stronger and smarter photographers.

From trekking through the sand dunes at Death Valley to waiting for the light to strike Firefall in Yosemite, the friendships forged over the years is really the backbone of High Sierra Workshops. It puts the biggest smile on our faces when we receive emails telling stories about further photography adventures you share with others you have met from your workshop courses. That's what it's all about.

When we look back at the hundreds of these workshop courses we offered, it is the friendship and community that we truly feel is the legacy we are leaving behind. A community that we hope will continue, as more photo adventures await each and every one of you. And remember that each photo adventure is a learning opportunity. We gave you the tools ... you have the eyes and vision.

To answer some questions you might have ... If you are currently registered for an upcoming workshop course, a full refund will be processed within 24 hours. Also, we have a large mailing list of past attendees and those interested in HSW. Rest assured this mailing list will remain under "lock and key" and will not be sold to any other company or used for any other marketing offers. To put it simply, it's just staying put the way it is. And if something comes up in the future ... we can then let you know and update you.

As we close this chapter on High Sierra Workshops, we look ahead to the future. For starters, we are hoping that the academic model and opportunity for workshop offerings is not completely gone. A possibility that we are exploring is that somewhere down the line, through a new offering, we might initiate a series of smaller, more intimate courses. Perhaps focusing on where it all started for us ... Yosemite. If this does develop in the months ahead, we will let you know.

Lastly, we want to thank all of you. It is you who made High Sierra Workshops what it is today. We are going to miss seeing all of you—from the first-timers to the regulars—that brought smiles, happiness, laughter and just flat out fun to everything we did. We loved sharing our outdoor world with you, sharing our love of photography, and sharing your precious time with you. We are really going to miss you.

From all of us to all of you ... thank you.

Your HSW Team